URGENT: TFA Email Down

HELP! We are not getting any replies back from the TFA email generator this morning. We can login but are not receiving the TFA secure code emails so we can’t complete our logins. Currently locked out of our Apps! We also have TFA turned on for our Builder, so we can’t access the normal chat support. Please help, post here, or email me at dgilman@tripeakgroup.com.

This is a huge problem!

Wish I could help you but this is something I’ve got no experience with but i know that feeling and its not nice. Depends on which country you reside at, Its the weekend and you have to wait till monday afternoon for tb office staff to respond if you are based in europe like me. Sorry to ask such a silly question but you have tried clicking forgot password link…? and also if you got custom domain have you got tb to white-label it which might help in the future.

URGENT! Update on some ongoing Email Issues