URL links in text message

I have an action button that sends and email and text message that contains a field with a URL link.
The link in the email works fine, but in the text message the link does not show up. I tried adding !! in the field, but then it sends the field name.

Any ideas? I’m pretty certain this worked up until recently.

Hey Marc,

When you added !!, did you format it as {!!Link.src!!}

Did you try using the tool bar to insert a link using the {field} as the source?

@tim.young Yes. I’ve tried both of those suggestions.

I wonder if that’s a bug. Maybe reach out to support to verify.

In the meantime, you could probably use a pipe to save the link url to a text field and send the text field in the SMS.

Let me know if you need help with that.

So… this it’s actually a text field and not a link. That’s why it’s strange that it’s not showing the field content.


I just confirmed that this is a known bug.

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