Use connected field in form with url paramaters

Hi There, trying to use a connected field in a form entry, for example, I have within the url of the form, the email as a parameter. Once the data is submitted, ideally would like to pull data from another table where that email field is connector to.

I’ve tried using rules, but can’t get a rule to update a connection… I can if its a text field, but not if its a connection type field.

Thanks, B

I am not sure of your exact usage here. But I jknow that the value you need to pass to a connections field is the ID of the connected record, not the displayed connection value.

So not the email, but the record ID. And the connection field is in plain text (assuming a single connection type, its a bit more complex if its a multiple connection type).

I hope that helps.

What @mtif said is correct. Please also note that it’s not currently possible to set the value of a connection field using a URL parameter, even if you do pass the record ID.

And, of course, @tim.young is correct. But I think there is a way around this.

So first of all. Add a text field for the connectionID.
Then in the URL parameters you will need to encode the RecordID of the record you want the submitted form to connected to.
Get the form to read the RecordID into the connectionID text field. And then use an extra form Rule (or table rule) to pass this connectionID to the actual connection field.

I think that will work. But it assumes you know the RecordID as well as the email of the connected record.

Just throwing this out there as another possible solution.

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thanks everyone, maybe I made it seem a bit more complex, or maybe it actually is… but I have a public form, in which the person completing it would have clicked on it with a hidden field thats in the form url, i.e email address. So, when the form is submitted, their email address is also recorded. Then there is a second table that contains email addresses and a particular id. Basically trying to have a table with all form fields, the email, and the looked up ID… to then essentially send all of the data, id, email address through an external webhook (that part is working good). I know I can create a view in page builder… but not sure how that can be linked to the webhook that is being sent

Thanks appreciate the help

Just to mention, I found a bug in the Get Value from URL in the form in the Details child page. It seems that the values from URL will be overwritten by the record values.
The reason I brought this up is because you can create a record and use the Details page form to enter your values from URL. This is an elegant way to avoid having to deal with record IDs etc. But alas, the bug prevented me from rolling this out for several months.