Use JS to show a table and filter on recordid instead of logged in user


How do I show a table on a page containing only the records associated with a particular record ID? Just for clarification, I know I can show records connected to the logged in user, but I use the recordid since the visitor is not logged in on my page.

So I know how to show or hide components based on field values, but I don’t know how to use JS to filter a table based on a record Id which is pulled from local storage.

Anyone have experience with this ? Or share some JS code ?


Are you working within a details page? If yes, you can filter the records based on the record details page’s ID.

Checkout the video on this page from about 31 minutes in.

If it’s not a details page that might be tricky, but you’ve mentioned you have the record ID so that should work.

@moe ,

Great and thanks!. It Works :slight_smile: