User Form-Building in Tadabase

This is something that I’ve been curious about for months that came up in my research as I looked for a platform to build my app.

Is there a way to allow Users of my app the ability to build their own forms that suited their own particular use – drawing on the existing table fields I create in the app.

There is a long list of stand-alone commercial form builder products on the market (Fastfield Forms, Jotform, etc). I’ve also come across a product called that is apparently able to be integrated into other systems as well as a slew of form-builder repositories on Github.

I wonder if anyone has tried this, or knows of a product that can integrate with Tadabase to do this?

I realise that this is a bit “out there” and well outside Tadabase’s current functionality (and my own technical understanding). I can imagine that it also comes with pros and cons, but it’s something that I’ve seen other SaaS products in my industry offer and I’m curious if anyone has tried this.



I use Zoho Forms and would love to pass data to Tadabase with an Integration (I am sure I can do it with the API or Webhooks when I get to that), this is mainly as Tadabase doesn’t support Offline themselves as that is my main use for it really otherwise I use Tadabase Forms.