Using Multi-select to update connections

Hello there! Newcomer to the Tadabase community!

Not sure, if this is possible and just started playing around with things:

Can I use the multi select or batch update to update connections?

I am trying to bulk update the Director field of this table. It is a One to many connection to the user table.


Hi Pinny-

Can you provide a bit more clarity to what you are trying to do? Is the drop down list a connection field to another table or is it a “hard coded” field in a table (data builder component)? Can you do a screencapture/screencast video of what you are desiring to do?



Here are the two images:

You can see in the first picture that this table called “Divisions” has connection to users with field name of “Director”
In the second image i highlighted the fields from the front end table. But in the drop down I can only select the field “Division Name” and the “Director” field doesn’t show up.

Screenshot 2021-01-04 152418

Hey Pinny!

Good to see you here.

It looks like you can’t do that with multi-select updates. You could use tables rules to set a connection based on another field’s value. This could get pretty tedious though.

Is this for initial data import or specifically for use on the live app?

Hey Tim.

This will be for live front-end functionality. It seems like i cant either use the update feature in the builder to update connected fields.

For initial import, there are other possible options but I can definitely see the importance of this on the front end.

Here would be a few use cases:

  1. If I had a Therapist who I wanted to assign to some new therapy cases that came in. I would need to be able to use the multi-choice field to select all the cases and then set the therapist.

  2. If I was running a sales team and some new leads came in and i wanted to be able to assign all of them to one of the team members.

HI secretsauce,

Were you able to get this working? Im looking for the same functionality.

I need a sales manager to batch-assign clients to a representative (via connection field) but I haven’t found a way to do it on the front end.

I think that this is an important functionality.

Is there a way to do a batch update of connection field through the builder?