Utilizing Tadabase Record Utilities (Duplicate Parent and Child) using different table


I have 3 tables, the Template, User, temp Email.

When I make a trigger on Template table using edit button or action button. I can make duplicate of the record (parent and child using the tadabase record utilities).

But when use another table. for example the temp email table. Using the Record Rules (Insert the connected records or Update the connected records) I cannot duplicate the Template Record.

Is there a way I can do it?

Is this possible? please help me. Thank you


  • To duplicate a record (parent and child) one at a time and assigned it to the email I created in the temp email.
  • To show the list of email that I used in that process and later on when I open again, it will be clear.

Note: Please refer to the image below.

Thank you in advance.