Validate multiple fields


I have a table Product A, and has a field Serial Number. Then I have another table Product B, which has 5 fields; Product B Serial Number, Product A SN(1), Product A SN(2), Product A SN(3), Product A SN(4). I have 4 connections from Product B to Product A.

Is there a way to validate that each Product A is unique, and no duplicates were accidentally entered, within Product B?


Hi Jason,

It sounds like Table B may be composed of multiple parts from Table A.
In the form you use to add a Product A into a Product B, use Validation Rules on Product A SN(1) and the Check Additional Fields option. Add Product A SN(2) and SN(3) thru (4).

This assumes you are adding and saving each Product A into a Product B before adding the next part.

This screenshot is from my app where I’m testing for unique worker names, but the concept is the same.