Validate records imported using an automation template

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get some validation working with automated template imports (so a big batch of records; not new records imported one at a time via a front end form).

My situation: I have a table which contains a checklist of acceptable values (species names in my case). If I import data into a table which has the checklist connected, it will silently ‘skip’ any that aren’t in the connected checklist. The records is still brought in cells for that field in the non-valid records is just blank.

I can hunt them down and go back and manually fix them in the source csv but this laborious and not that easy to match specific records (I have thousands to bring in). Anyone have any ideas on validation within Tadabase to either exclude those records with invalid values that don’t match the connected checklist as a batch of exceptions (and, ideally, still import the valid ones) or similar?

Thanks in advance,