View images of the attachments field in Pdf

is there a way to display the images contained in an attachments field in the Pdf and customize the height and width?
Thank you

Are you referring to PDF forms or regular PDFs?

If its for Regular PDFs on the page, its not possible until we release the newest version of the PDFs. Currently in the works.

Hi Moe,
I am referring to the Pdf forms.

Do you have any idea of a timing?
Thank you

@DanioA yes, attachment fields can be displayed in PDF Forms.
However, the attachment field must be set to “Format Link as Image”.
If the attachments field contains multiple images, only the first image will be displayed.
See the PDF Forms documentation for more details.


now i need to download normal pdfs with embedded images, i see they don’t work now, is there a timeline for this version of the pdfs?