VIN pipe + Image

@moe - Hey Moe, Im using the VIN pipe which works great but I would also like to add the GET IMAGE from VIN without having to prompt for the VIN twice - I dont see how to add multiple GETs using 1 trigger button? Solution: Client enters the VIN and gets the data plus the image Thanks.

Pipes are limited to single API calls right now. I’ve encountered this same thing with a different pipe. One of the ideas I’ve had that MIGHT be a workaround is running the first pipe, having that pipe set a field, and maybe using table rules to trigger the second pipe. Does that make sense? So the table rule would run on record edit if a condition was met, the condition would be whatever field the first pipe modifies.

Thanks Tim - the table rule worked. It downloads the image url to a text field on create or edit so that issue is resolved. Of course, Im now having trouble displaying the image on a details page.

Can you try using the field in an html component instead?

Thats what Im using - the Text Field is called Vin Image which holds the URL to the external image file - just having trouble getting it to display. Using an image tag but im sure I dont have the correct verbage.

Oh duh I feel dumb. I was just having trouble with this the other day. I don’t even remember if I ended up getting it to work but try this

<img src=“{field_here}”>
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@moe Tried that - it does not work. .Moe can you help out with this. I have tried everything that I know. Thanks.

Nevermind - I got it. Had to use the pipe call inside the HTML.