Want to take over our apps on PRO PLAN?

Hi All,

We have been using Tadabase for 8 months now and we love the platform!

Unfortunately, we are not able to do what we need to do on the platform and are therefore offering our account to anyone who would like to take it over?

We have built 2 apps with significant investment, which are functional and working:

The 3rd app is where we fell short (this was the one we were planning to monetise).

We have 3.5 months left on the Pro Plan and are open to any offers?
Contact me on: ciaranmeyer29@gmail.com


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May i ask what you were trying to complete with this project? We might be interested in your projects we would like to be able to see your users secure front-end experience.

@bgedevteam We had 3 separate projects on the go. The 2 above which you can see, where the first is a recruitment portal for users to sign up with their job search details (CV, education, experience etc). The second is an SME ecosystem we were pulling together for SME’s to connect and link up, which ultimately was going to feed into our third project of analysing SME’s based on their ongoing financials as well as multiple qualitative questionnaires to access financing and feed into Investor programs. This 3rd project is where we got stuck on the platform. Happy to take you through the apps if you like.

Both apps are nicely built. Plenty of skill evident in these apps to overcome challenge regarding third app.