What kind of success have you had with TAGGUN.IO?

Hi Folks

I am considering using taggun.io as a receipt scanning service for an app. There is an existing pipe setup so I have it scanning and returning data so tadabase element is working fine.

However the accuracy of the data been returned seems pretty poor to me. Very few if any receipts scanning properly. I’m trying to work with TAGGUN who are based in NZ (so pretty much a whole working day away from me in Ireland) but I havent found them very responsive.

Has anybody else used this service and if so how was your experience ?
Or have you used an alternative you could recommend ?


I use https://dext.com but have to resort to also using Zapier (as Dext doesn’t have an open API) and Integromat (which is my primary / preferred data integration tool) to get my data into tadabase tables.
It’s a bit convoluted, but it works.

For other documents (non-receipts), I also use https://parseur.com.

Thanks for these. Looking at mindee.com also
tks Noel

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It first glance, mindee seems to work pretty well.

I’m going to give it a test drive - I’m always looking for new tools.

Thanks for the share @arthurbuy

Share your successes or failures tks