What3Words Mapping Tool API

What3Words is becoming increasingly popular (certainly in the UK). Essentially the world is cut up into 3m square grids, each with its own 3 unique words. Much more reliable than postcodes (Zip) and easier to type than geo-coordinates.

They do have an API - use with Maps?

You may also consider Google Plus Codes (aka Open Location Code). Google has this built into Google Maps.

That’s a very cool concept!

How would you like to use this Maps? I think their entire concept is just about converting those squares to words. They also use Google Maps for their mapping.

If you just want to convert an Address field to words or vice versa, you can do so very easily with a pipe.

Their API is dead simple and if you wish I’d be happy to create and publish a new pipe for this. Let me know.

Hey Moe,
Certainly for us W3W has become useful - postcodes in the UK are not particularly accurate (especially in rural locations where they can be miles out). When my urban work unit postcode is entered into any Sat Nav they all take you to a point approximately 1 mile away.

We are finding W3W useful is on new build construction sites where industrial estates / access roads don’t have a name yet (never mind a postcode). A friend of mine who works in the forestry industry uses W3W to precisely locate the work area they are felling trees.

Currently, we use a simple text field to store W3W - if this could link to a pop up google map that would be great.

Hi Henry, I never knew the opencode existed!