When the "search for Pipe". doesn't return values

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I have a question about routing my pipes in a Form component.
My clients can use a proposal generator, but this generator is also available for non-registered users (future clients as I call them).

Visitors (non-logged in) can use the proposal generator and e-mail the results to an e-mail address. I want to setup the following routing.

Based on the e-mail field value:

  1. Do a check on the Users table and search for the e-mail. If the e-mail field is present, add the proposal results to the connected table of “list of proposals”. But what does the PIPE return when the e-mail is not a user yet?
  2. If the e-mail is not present, create a new user and create a custom password (based on the pipe) and send an e-mail to the new user that his proposal is also available in the TB platform.

How can I setup the pipe when the e-mail is not a user yet? The pipe cannot return any values and will receive an error message and the workflow routing goes bad. Anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?

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@tim.young Any recommendations how to enable the “search datatable doesn’t return a value” ?

You would have to create a workaround for this, not sure if this would work.

Add a field that catches the response from the pipe. If the response message is something like “Record was not found”. Then update that field.

Now add a table rule where if a record is updated and condition it based from that field. You can run another pipe for this to add a new record.