Whitelist to avoid "There has been too many attempts in the last 24 hours"?

I’m using Integromat (Make) to process external sources into TDB, but while testing a complex scenario, I got the 429 failure “There has been too many attempts in the last 24 hours”. Is there a way to avoid or reset this status in my TDB account, either to expire the 24 hr standdown or to fully whitelist the Integromat connection?

Is it possible that you exceeded the limit of the API requests which is related to your subscription with TB?

I wasn’t aware there was a daily (24 hour) limit - just the monthly subscription limits. And now you suggest this, I’m not sure if the block was for the Integromat IP or if TDB would have ignored all further incoming requests…

As mentioned on: Tadabase API

API Limits

Each plan has specific limitations as to how many API requests can be sent. There are 2 limits:

  • Per minute limit.
  • Per day limit.

With each API request, the server will respond with the current limit status of your API within the headers.

The response headers will look like this:

Minute Limits

  • X-RateLimit-Limit - The total allowed API requests per minute.
  • X-RateLimit-Remaining - Total remaining API requests for this minute
  • X-Retry-After - How many seconds left for this minute.
  • X-RateLimit-Reset - The UNIX timestamp of when this minute is up.

Daily Limits

  • X-RateLimit-Daily-Limit - Total API requests allowed per day.
  • X-RateLimit-Daily-Remaining - Total remaining API requests for this day
  • X-Daily-Retry-After - How many seconds until this day is over
  • X-Daily-RateLimit-Reset - The Unix timestamp of when the day will be reset