Why does Tadabase think I'm already logged in?

The app I’ve been working on requires that I log in and that I get a TOTP from my email. That part works fine. But every time I log in, as soon as I enter the TOTP and click the submit button, I briefly see a screen that tells me I’m already logged in. This notice is display just long enoug for me to read it — not more than 1 second. Then the redirect takes me to the main page for the app.

I can guarantee that I am NOT logged in. I’ve been testing this by carefully logging OUT and refreshing my browser window.

So what’s up with this? Is there something wrong with the way I’ve set up the options for the Login Form? Screenshot pasted immediately below. Or is this just a normal occurrence? I don’t recall noticing it a year ago when I first started with Tadabase, but perhaps I just wasn’t ready to notice it then.

One other interesting “problem” here: the brief notification does not include my name even though it looks like it OUGHT to. I don’t know how quickly that app variable gets set after login. But that’s a secondary problem.