WIP: Dynamic Org Chart

Hi Everyone,

A user here (name yourself if you want :wink:) asked about implementing an Org Chart for use with their app’s records. This is the Org Chart here :point_right: https://balkan.app/OrgChartJS/Docs/GettingStarted

This is a work in progress of that implementation. We’re able to use record values dynamically to load into the Org Chart. The node connection is all coming from a single table with 3 additional fields.


We save the Record ID when records are created, and we also save the Record ID for the Parent Node. These fields are then referenced in the JavaScript to populate the Org Chart (thanks for the code @moe).

Overall, it’s not a super complicated implementation. Hopefully others here will find it useful and hopefully this concept can get built a bit more. I will update any progress here.

If people are interested, I’ll make a video on how to set this all up.



@tim.young, you are so helpful! I thank you for taking this on for me and guiding a novice to see this come to fruition. THANK YOU!


Of course!

It’s a really cool idea so thank you for bringing it up. Seems like a great fit for a lot of apps.

Love it! I will probably implement this…if I have time :frowning: Thanks for sharing @tim.young! :smiley: