Xero Integration

Hi, my team would be interested in a integration with Xero to smooth out the UI experience.



Yes, please! We need this too.

Yep - need this too :wink:

Thank you all for your suggestions! I am happy to let you know that the Xero pipe is now available.

Hi, the current Xero pipe can only do Invoices and Quotes. I am interested in creating Purchase Orders and Bills. Can I request for that?

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Hey @philipteng,

The Purchase Order calls have been added!
You can create Bills in the Xero pipe, by creating an Accounts Payable invoice:
Use the Create an Invoice pipe call and setting the Account Code to 2000 (Accounts Payable).

When there more than one line item in the Purchase Order or Bill, how do I get the pipe to push the information in? Do I call Create New Purchase Order and then Update Purchase Order?