Your session has expired, Please login again

I am trying to display a project. Through an internal website for my company. Through an Iframe. When I do I get “Your session has expired, Please login again.” errors. That never allows its start-up. The tadabase app has no concept of login on this page. It is disabled I’ve tried all types of referrerPolicy.

Can JS code be deployed to stop these?


There’s an issue with iframes since browsers started making some changes.

Make sure to set the domain of your app to a subdomain of where its being hosted and it should be fine then.

If your domain is set the app to something like then embed it.

It’s currently on its default tadabase URL something like:!/bugreport

I could try and put on a different subdomain. I have another app that is and I have the same issues there as well. It doesn’t have a login expiration either.

I really need to be able to support Iframes eventually :confused:

Yes, that makes sense why you’re seeing the error. If you’re using Iframe you’ll need to use the iframe with a src of subdomain.

We might not ever be able to support iframes on different domains. Here’s an interesting article as to why:

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Those pesky hackers!! :woozy_face:

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