Zoom in and out for date charts

With charts that are grouped by date, I desperately need a zoom-in / out feature.
Currently, I can add a couple of buttons to filter for ‘last week’, ‘last month’ etc. but then I force the user to pick from a fixed set of date options.
Even as a work-around, having an open filter like you have for tables will do the trick, where the user can enter any date they want “from date: xxx”, but it’s not available for charts, unfortunately.

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I think this is a good idea. I was looking for something similar since I had a lot of dates but I am able to categorize my dates based on smaller groups so I ended up taking your idea of creating multiple filter tabs.

I’m sure you tried this, but I also found that setting custom dimensions helped with viewing the chart. To get around the fact that the custom dimensions don’t respond in mobile view, I’m used row permissions to set up different charts to show based on the window size.