Allow @Mention Users in Long Text Fields [TinyMCE 6]

It would be great to have a way for one user to @mention another user in a long/rich text field. I realize it’s not exactly asynchronous chat, but our CRM just implemented it this way and it works better than it might seem.

Understandably, there are a lot of ways to implement it, but ideally the @mention would turn blue and link to that user’s profile. Based on admin preference, a notification could go out as an email, SMS, Slack message, webhook, etc.

We have a table in our database called “Notes” in which we keep running updates of our projects and it would be helpful to ping a teammate and call their attention to an update.

I love this idea, but its likely not something we plan on implementing.

We do hope to go more towards the collaborative approach of multi-user editing, and some real time collaboration.

For example, here’s something we’ll be working on soon. As you can see in the video below, 2 different users are logged in working on the same record. The updates from one are auto-updated by the other.

For now, the only way I can think of doing this is with a custom script/pipe that can find all the mentions then find that user in the database then act on it (email/slack etc). Would be quite complex and can lead to new notifications each time the record is saved.


@moe I just noticed TinyMCE has updated their text editor to support

Is there any chance of Tadabase updating to add any of these? Of particular interest would be the checklist feature and PDF creation.

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@moe I wanted to circle back and see if an update to TinyMCE 6 was in the roadmap? It has the multi-user editing feature you mentioned built-in and would also bring a ton of new features to Tadabase in one go (as linked above).

I did try asking about timing of potential Bootstrap 5 and TinyMCE 6 updates in the support chat, but they weren’t sure (in fairness, support is great and I don’t fault them for not being able to answer esoteric questions about design framework and embedded text editor versioning).