Coordinate field Latitude Longitude

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I have a problem with the address field, or rather, often, I delete all the sub-fields of the address field and use only the coordinates, Latitude, Longitude.
This allowed me to have the precise point of relief (from smartphone) not bound by street, city, etc.

Unfortunately I see that for a few days, the coordinates are totally wrong, in the form that I fill in by pressing the “current location” button, the correct coordinates are shown, but totally wrong when saving (always the same coordinates).

It’s not a problem of rules that overwrite, of telephone, or anything else but it’s the registration of Tadabase, I tried to write the data in other fields, before saving, but it doesn’t work.

From this link I created a new app, just 2 fields, no rules, nothing.

I ask that you also try to record to see if it happens only to me.

I know there is the possibility to use an older version of Tadabase, for these cases, do you have a link to this version?
Do you have solutions?
Thank you

The ability to get location depends very much on the browser. Are you confident that the location settings have been enabled for this site?

It’s an app I’ve been using for over a year.
The browser has nothing to do with it, these are the data filled in the form (before saving) taken from the button “current location”

And this is what is recorded

Today, another 30 surveys of coordinates, all with the same result, and registration on the App always of the same coordinate:
37.09024 -95.712891, in order not to lose data I have to take screen shots of the form
If you’ve read, I’ve done trials with different devices and different apps.

Of which a new APP, the one from the link above that I invite you to try, without rules in the form and in the builder

I add information
the complete field with, address, city, state, etc, spells the location correctly, but that’s not what I need.

if I fill out the form, entering the data manually (without pressing the “current location” button) it overwrites my coordinates with the same ones 37.09024 -95.712891,
some probably like Kansas :slight_smile: