Different dropbox folders for for each app

I would like to make a little suggestion for when the dropbox feature moves out of alpha. Currently all the files get saved to the same folder regardless of what Tadabase app you are using /Apps/Tadabase.io App

It would be nice if the files were separated by the app name, so a folder with the app name:

/Apps/Tadabase.io App/{app-name}


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This is a great suggestion and one we will certainly implement. This has been requested in the past and one that we likely should have done sooner as files start getting messy inside of Dropbox.

This is certainly on our roadmap for the very near future.

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I’m excited to let you know this is now in beta and being tested.

To see how this works, check out the Dropbox Support Doc. We intend to roll this out to production within a week or so.

Items to note are the new “Folder Path” options within the dropbox settings as well as field options. You can also add date varibles into the folder path like: {day}, {month} and {year}.

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If you’re interested in testing this new folder feature you can do so now.

You will see a new option inside the dropbox settings as well as within the field options:

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Is it possible to further personalise the path with variables taking values from fields in a table.

Case use: we would like case documents to be stored in a folder just for that case. Each case has a unique field value stored in the field CaseName in the Cases datatable.

for example: App/Tadabase.io App/Clients/{CaseName}

This would make it much easier for the team working with documents using the dropbox desktop app and keep the folders much better organised.