Display Google Maps Street View Image in List

I’m trying to create a view similar to the “Listings List” in the Tadabase Real Estate Template and wanted to see if we can accomplish two things:

  1. Display a static Google Street View image of the property in the image window (see below picture for reference)
  2. Have the entire item to be a “clickable” link to the detail page

Below is a screenshot of from the Tadabase template with a mockup of what we are trying to achieve

Hi @james, you can achieve this using a custom component (advanced) together with Google Maps Street View API. The custom component is powerful, but more of a ‘low-code’ rather than ‘no-code’ approach. If you’re interested in this approach I can try and assist.

I’ve also assigned someone internally to create a pipe that can do this behind the scenes and save the image back to the field so it can be static. I think this method would be the smarter and easier (cheaper too) long-term choice.


That would be fantastic, Moe.

Hey @james, I’ve created the following post to showcase how you can do this with a Text Formula. Generate static map image