Display Image When Uploaded As a File in "File V2" field?

I am now utilizing the File V2 field to store my image files, as I want my Dropbox to hold the storage. I set the field to format the link as an image. It also has an option to open up the image file in Dropbox. Other than that, the other option is to download the image file from Dropbox.

However, I don’t want the user to do either. Is there a way to display the image on the details page the way it was displayed using the “Image” field with Cloudinary? I would continue using Cloudinary, however, isn’t the plan to get off Cloudinary completely?

Overall, I’d like to display the images and store them without taking up my Tadabase account storage. How can I achieve this?

Please advise. Thanks.

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I see why this is happening.

The image URL being used when its coming from Dropbox contains a “?dl=0” at the end.

The image won’t load when that’s the URL, it is supposed to end with “?raw=1”

We definlitey have plans of getting rid of Cloudinary in the very near future, but before we do we’ll ensure everything in the new files field works as expected.

Hey @moe and Tadabase Team,

Please, any update about this topic?

Tried to figure out how to display image, but couldn’t make it.

For us, would be nice to see the image showing right in the Details Comp and also generated in the PDF.

Hey guys, please any update here?

How can we display record images in the Details or List Component?

Any Updates on this?

I was looking forward to a solution and found this topic: A gallery to display photos?

You should use the Custom Component. Please, see if its available in your account, otherwise get in touch with support.

Custom Component is a very handy tool! You can find more about it here.

Hope this helps!

Also, as Chem once told me, to display images on the front end of your app, you’ll need to upload image-type files. For example, (. png , . jpeg , . gif ).

I like the gallery option but im afraid i cant use it in my case. I dont use a attachment field I have individual file fields that the user uploads or takes a picture into. they are in image format. Ill look into the custom component and see if that will work for me.

Thanks for the follow up.

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