Document viewer for stored files

I have a client who stores a lot of files and needs to be able to view them on a page and be able to create notes. Has anyone used a html doc viewer they are happy with, would work with Tada, and does not cost much?


I wonder if there’s a way to run a pipe and create a preview for a file with this template…!/multi-image-upload

Edit: Looking into this right now -

Edit #2 @mdykstra - I have this working so far. You can upload a PDF, hit save, wait 5 seconds or so, refresh the table, click details link.!/new-page

Nice! I see that you are using a different loader??

Experimenting with one, yeah.

Check it out here - Drag and Drop Upload with FilePond

This looks great! What I’m wanting to do is to have a details page where the view would display the document, then on the right, I would have a form to add notes. From what you can tell, would it work? If so, can you help me with the code?

Thank you @tim.young!!

Yup that’s actually what I had built as a demo originally. Let me set up an example to show you.

@mdykstra here’s an example. I think this is what you’re asking for.!/document-details


excellent solution …