Duplicate Parent and Child in Record Utility Pipe still working?

Hi Tadabase,

I would like to ask if the Duplicate Parent and Child still works?

Thank you

Hi @edison , yes this feature is working:

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Thank you. Upon checking. sometimes its working, sometimes its not. What might be the problem? its really frustrating, it is not reliable.

Hey @edison

As @kruizf201 said, this feature does work, but it has it’s issues. We actually depreciated and removed this Pipe for a few months as it caused more trouble than it was worth but we made it available agin because it was asked about so frequently. When we removed the Pipe, I made a video about how to build similar workflows using Make - you can find that video below.

The main issue with this Pipe is that there’s no control over the copying process. For those who are copying a few records, like under 10, it works pretty well. What ended up happening though is that this Pipe was being used to try and copy 100’s of records. There are many variables at play here, such as your app data structure (ie. how many connections and equations are being processed for each copied record), and API limits for your plan. It’s quite easy to go over the number of calls per minute that is allowed on any given plan.

Thank you very much for the clarification.
Finally, I can now rest my mind thinking that I am not doing it wrong.
I will use Make.com from now on. It is free yes, but it has its limits.

Thank you

Hi @tim.young,

I am trying to use action button as a trigger in using make. I cannot make it work.
Instead of selecting a Job template from the self connect, I use action button on the template itself and insert a new record using the existing record.

In your video tutorial, you are selecting a job template, but here I just use the existing record. Is it possible?

This is what I have done in the action rule.

Can you help me please?