Duplicate parent and child record and assign it to newly created user

Hi Tadabase,

I am wondering if it is possible to duplicate a parent and child record and assign it to newly created user.

Here is my scenario. I have a ready made template with questions under it. Then I created a tale specifically to create a user under 1 admin. please see the figure below:

When I create a user, I want to duplicate the template. If it is possible, if I create 2 user, it will duplicate 2, and if I create 3 user, it will duplicate 3 template.

Is this possible?

If there is another way to do this, I really need suggestion.

This is perfect for schools accepting new students online.

Hope someone can help me.

Thank you

@edison :wave:

The easiest way to manage this is through Make or Zapier actually. Super flexible and easy to setup.

Build it with Tim - How do I loop through connected records with Make? (Ep. 7)

This will give you a great starting point.

Thank you for the quick response.

I have tried it before and it works on duplicating the parent and child record. I will try to explore it and see if there is a features that will meet what I am looking for.

Thank you very much.

Hi @tim.young,

Thank you for this.

Can you give me also an idea but this time using it in action button. I tried it but it only double the number of question on the same parent record.

Is there a way I can duplicate it just by clicking the action button?


When I click the Use Template button, there will be a confirmation like are you sure? then it will copy this template along with the questions connected to it.

After copying this template along with its connected record, I want to send it to many.

is this possible?

Hope you can help me with this.

Thank you

You would like a blank questionnaire per user to complete. If so, its better to add new user to existing template and not other way round. You can add extra field in users table if you have many templates per user or add new field in template table with many users for each template.

assign template to new user as shown.

Thank you for this. Meaning, before I assign names to template, the templates should be ready. Right?
If I have a template with 52 questions in it, If I plan to issue this to 3 persons. That means I will duplicate my template into 3 and 156 questions. that is only for 3 persons. If I have 6 person to assign to a template with each template has 52 questions, 6 * 52 that would be 312 questions loaded already to the system.

This sounds good but system will be heavily loaded supposing that there will be many user will do it at the same time.

I do not know how to start with it. I hope you can help me, I am willing to try it. please.

Thank you

Questions table will contain total of 52 static questions and should have a connectionID to Template_name held in the template table. Add a response frield in questions table. Display the questions table field in a page and add ‘Action’ button to append new record into the Answers table. When all users have submitted all answers to all questions then yes you will have 312 quewstions that have been answered. The quesions table however still retains its 52 questions and answers table will have your 312. This design helps to minimise your concerns regarding unccessary data storage. You’ll need to add a feature to reset the response answers feild to empty. You can also append ( add new record ) by using record rules which might be better for validation for preventing duplicate submition by same user etc…

Have a look through Moe’s video in this thread Easy Voting System... not so easy?

That’s an interesting approach whether the questions are always the same for all the people. In that case, I suggest using a form instead of an action link, because the user fills the form with the answer, you can apply a first record rule to insert a new record according to your suggestion but the filter is not needed, because you must apply a second record rule to set the record value of the answer to a blank value. That’s the way a second user can fill again the answer in the form with a blank field. I also recommend to create a control field in the answer table, concatenating user + question number and setting as unique in order to prevent duplicate answers per user.

I agree with you, form with record rules is better.