Dynamic Organization Chart Data Component

Hi all-

A suggestion for consideration. Adding an organization chart data component to show hierarchy arrangements.

Adam, I’m curious to hear more. Where is this organization chart data coming from? How are you structuring it inside your app?

I agree with this!

It could be a simple as a user field with a connection to another user

Such as - field name “Reports To”, then a selection of an existing user.

Then you could visually show this on a org chart.


This is part of the Emergency Management Incident Action Plan that you and I met about the other day. To surmise, during disasters a standardized packet of documents/forms are used to completed a product called an Incident Action Plan. This includes a cover sheet, objectives, work assignments, phone lists, organization chart, etc.

One of the standard forms is an ICS 207 Organization Chart (see below). Being able to dynamically create this as well as connecting to other forms such as a phone list and a position list (not chart) would be the perfect functionality.

Hope this helps

+100 from me on this. Trying to figure out a workaround to create a dynamic org chart based on data in my table. Can’t seem to find anything that ties into Tadabase or Integromat to do this. Any and all ideas welcome.

And would be awesome if Tadabase added this. Would be very, very slick to have dynamic Org Chart I could show to my users.

Check out this post

WIP: Dynamic Org Chart

It’s not a perfect solution but can be very capable depending on your needs. I can make a full walkthrough if you’re interested.


I’m interested, and a very capable “no code” guy. My email is dgilman@tripeakgroup.com - is there a way I could send you a list of questions directly?



Of course, you can reach me at tim@tadabase.io