Editing through the detail page and going back to main page


We have thousands of records in a table that need to be edited 1-by-1 through a detail page. It works fine, however each time we go back from a detail page, the main data table loads the very 1st record. Is there a way to go back from a detail page to the corresponding record number in the main table?


Hi @jorgos, welcome!

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is any native feature that would be a solution for this but I feel your pain! I’ve encountered this frequently while using the search component to view a specific data set, going to a details page, and then returning to the search page.

Just curious, would a feature like this be helpful to you?

Hi @tim.young,

Thanks for your quick response! Yes, such a feature would certainly be useful to us. Is it available?

No, I’m sorry it’s not. Just an idea for the future.

Hello there,

In the meantime we’ve created extra pages that pre-query specific data segments to make the process a bit less tedious. So basically, we try to limit the # of records per view to max. 250, so that the data fits on a single ‘results page’.

I’m still wondering if there will be a solution at some point for “remembering” search results / filter settings, during a user session? It seems such a logical feature to me for a database app.

Nice workaround!

I agree with you about the search component saving your search results. I added this as a suggestion a while back. You can give it a like/upvote if you’d like.

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