Email a filtered table every month through automation

Hi all,

This is probably an easy one.

I have a table with expenses. I would like to automatically send the expenses of the last month to each person who has added expenses individually, with the automation task feature…

I have trouble finding out how I can add a table to the email body…

Anyone knows how this is done (not looking for a pdf solution, though).


I had a similiar requirement and got some help which provided a great solution.

here is the post. Send a list of Records in a scheduled Task - Send email

Hope it works for you.

Hi Richard, @richardch372
Thanks, If I understand it correctly, the method with the rollup, will only create a list with one item.
I am looking for a solution to create a table with several columns.
I don’t think the rollup method will accomplish this.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

ah! sorry @Peter i misunderstood. this is the result of my rollup feld but it only has one column of data.

Hi Peter, you might be able to use the rollup field like this:


Let me know if this makes sense.

Here is the text formula I used:

You could then add your condition, for this example, Unpaid: