Equation Column not Updating on Details


I have a Stock Record which can have many linked Documents. I want to show on a Details page via an Equation column which documents are missing. I have setup an Equation Field to calculate this but I have to update the Stock record in order for the Equation calc to refresh.

Question is if I add or delete a document (linked record) on the Stock Record Details page is it possible to get the Equation column to refresh?



Start by adding a random DATE field to your table that you want to update the equation on.

If you are using a form to add / delete the document:

Add a From Rule > record rule
Action = Update Connected Records
Set = RandomDate to “CurrentDate”

This will update the RandomDate field which will force an update to that one particular record, which will update the equation.

Another way of doing it is to setup a daily “task” within the table, to update the RandomDate field to that days date. Then it will update ALL the records within the table.

If you are using a action link, you should be able to do the same.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @Bevcom that’s great :grinning: