Extract year from date field via equations not updating

Hi all, I’m a relatively new Tadabase user building a small app. I’m trying to extract the Year as a text field from the Created At date-time field. I’ve set this up using an Equation field and the date function Year({CreatedAt}), but the equation field only updates when I re-validate the equation on the data-builder side and not when a user enters data through a form or likewise on the live side of the app.

I’ve tried a few of the other work arounds on the Community page like:

but so far, the only way the equation field seems to update is from the data builder side when I re-validate the equation. I understand that equation fields are processed after Record Rules and Table Rules, so it’s not necessarily a question of when equation fields are run but how they are triggered to update.

I am already using the REST API and the Text Utilities API so I cannot unfortunately use the Date Utilities API on my current subscription, and theoretically, it should work as an equation using the YEAR function.

Does anyone know of another way to update the Year or extract the Year from a date-time variable or to otherwise trigger an equation field to update? Thanks in advance.


Hi, I am a great fan of the Excel Data Pipe. I use a lot of different inputs (text, numbers, dates) and execute multiple formulas and conditions in one sheet to show results to users… Saves a lot of multipe tasks in TB, but my app contains more complex formula’s to work.

Did you try the Date Pipe? you can call the Get Year request to save the response in a text field.

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately I’ve already maxed out the number of pipes I can install on my current subscription so I cannot use the Date Utilities pipe for this. My question is more about how to force the equation field to update or to trigger the equation field to run, since the YEAR({Created At}) equation does work, just not from the live-side of the app. Thanks!