Finding the specific element to update

We’ve gotten many questions on support recently on how find and edit very specific CSS.

Here’s the approach I use and find it very efficient.

  1. Right click on the page and press Inspect, or Ctrl + Shift + I

  2. Press this button (or Ctrl + Shift + C) to open the selector:

  3. Next click on the exact element you wish to change:

  4. Right click on that element > Copy > Copy Selector:

  5. Paste the copied valued into the CSS tab then add { your custom css code }

If you have any other helpful tips, we’d love to hear them.

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@moe Looks like I’m not the only one burning the midnight oil. :sleeping:

Great tip. You can skip the first step and go straight to Ctrl + Shift + C

I saw that in this video:


Just throwing this out there as another tool to help. Not trying to undermine anything, I currently use both inspector and css scan.


That is indeed an awesome extension! Just purchased and already started using it. Love it. Thanks for sharing