Help required on how to set a Pipe to insert records into a table based on specified Template Id

I am new to Tadabase and I would be most grateful if someone could suggest some pointers to assist me in using a Pipe to accomplish my objective as stated below. I am currently using Form Rules but I have realised that Pipe would work much better. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Use Case: Risk Assessments to be carried out on church buildings. An assessment is, in effect, a review and it consists of test questions that are recorded in a Tadabase table (Test Questions) grouped according to the type of test e.g. Fire Risk, Electrical Condition, Mechanical & Engineering etc. We have also grouped the tests into templates.

Approach: Each assessment review starts with a Form input of the Header record into the Table (Test Header), each with a unique reference Test Ref as shown below. The Test_Template i.e. the type of test is also specified using a drop down on the Form.

Please see Attachments 1a and 1b

1a_Test Header Fields

1b_Test Header Records

Objective: Upon saving the Header record, I would like to populate a Table called (Test Results) with the test questions which are contained in another Table called (Test Questions). The criteria as to the range of questions to be imported is the Test_Template field which is a connection.

2a_Test Questions Fields

2b_Test Questions Records

*The expected results•

3a_Test Results Fields

3b_Test Results Records


4a_Test Templates Fields

4b_Test Templates Records

Sample Screenshots
5a_Sample Screenshot of the Header Page

5b_Sample Screenshot of the Tests being carried out

Hey @anthony welcome to the Tadabase community.

Is this support article helpful for what you’re doing?

Thanks, Tim. I was looking for a pointer from any experienced user as to how to set up a Pipe to achieve the stated objective. I realise that I didn’t really state that in the original post…Very typical of me! Happy to delete the post if is confusing…Regards. Anthony from UK.

No no, no need to delete.

I will be making a write up or video for this topic Best way to create an order form that uses this pipe.

I will try to remember to post it here as well but keep an eye out in that other topic in case I forget.

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Thanks, Tim. Very grateful.