Hide or show a form bases on a field value

I want to hide or show a form bases on a field value.

I tried with display rules and page rules and seems to not have that option.

Can you give me some recommendations please.

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re aiming at. Could you provide a bit more specifics? For example, what’s the field and what’s the determining value? How is that field displayed – in a table, maybe? And do you want the form to be on the same page as the table? Or are you thinking of a button that allows a record to be edited in a form on a different page but only if the record has a value in a certain field?


If you are pulling your information from the page target the field block that has your info like below.

$(’#YOUR FORM ELEMENT SELECTOR’).css(‘display’,‘none’);

I saw a post somewhere Moe did on using the selector tool to get the element path for you to use to get your from and data selectors if you are not familar… Once you get use to the layout Tadabase uses it is a breeze…

saw the link info for using the selector so here is a short cut to that…