How to sort select options in a connection field

New record in Activity table needs to be linked to a record in Clients table. When I click on the field, I get a list of the records in the Clients table, which is good. But the list is NOT alphabetized, which is not so good. In this app, there number of clients is small so this isn’t a big deal but in some other apps with more potential parents to choose among, the lack of sorting could be fatal.

I tried the list and table alternatives for selecting the parent but a simple selection menu is what I prefer – takes up the least space. I just want the list of options to be in alpha order. How do I do this?

Default sort options for connected fields are located in the Data Table of the connected field. So if you had a table of Tasks connected to a table of Projects, navigate to the Tasks data table and specify the default sort field, and the default sort order.

Referencing the image above, if I had a form to add/edit a Project, the connected field for Tasks would be sorted Alphabetically by Task (Name).

Exactly what I needed! I mentioned that I wanted to link Activity records (which record the work I do) to the parent Clients table. I’d looked all around for this but I somehow missed the Settings tab in the Clients table. Went in there , picked my default sort field and order, and hey presto, the select-client dropdown is now sorted perfectly.

Thanks, Tim!

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I actually have a suggestion for this problem. My problem was that I have based on the same table different ways in different forms how I would sort the dropdown field - one by alphabet and the other one by descending addition order. So this is my suggestion:

Thanks for chiming in Peter. I seconded (well, looks like I “thirded”) your suggestion in the other thread. Good idea.


Your advice earlier solved the problem I was having sorting the parent record choices in the new record form. But I just noticed that I still have this problem when I’m defining a filter on a table layout. Is there a way to get this selection list to sort properly too? Or possibly this is a bug?


I’m not sure if all dropdowns throughout the builder are effected by that table setting. Can you reach out to support and let them know?

Hi @WilliamPorter-

I found this bug over a year ago and still have a support ticket active on it. Ticket # #3969 Alphabetize linked field