HTML problem on form in page builder

My table has a lot of fields. I’m trying to design an input form that has some organization — headings and some separation between the field groups. I just discovered that, in the page builder for the form, I can insert an HTML object between a couple of fields. That ought to do the trick. But it’s not working quite right and I can’t figure out why not.

I’ve inserted an HTML object, and in the object, I placed a horizontal rule, and then an H2 value that acts as a section heading. Here’s the HTML object in edit mode:

Here’s an example of what it looks like in the builder, when I close the HTML object.

“AddressDescription” is just the last field in the preceding section. Right after that, you can see the horizontal line (it’s faint but it’s there) and the heading for the next section: “Case Data”. Looks good.

But that’s not how it renders in the live app. Here’s what it looks like in preview:

Where did that word “Title” come from? It appears in each of the HTML boxes that I inserted. Where does it come from, and more importantly, how do I get rid of it?

Hi William, I believe this is a bug in the new builder - if you use the old (legacy) builder you can remove the “title” there.

Thanks for the response, Roger. Two followup questions:

  • How do I revert to the old Builder?
  • What do I lose if I go back to the old Builder?

To be honest, I’ve been away from Tadabase for a bit and when I can back less than a month ago (after hearing about the new Builder) I can’t say I have yet noticed any huge changes. Perhaps I’m already using the old Builder? How do I tell?



Im pretty sure you will be using the new builder now, the changes to the builder are subtle but make it much smoother to use. Make sure you only use one builder at any onetime though (or you run the risk of overwriting data) - best practice is to always close a window and then reopen.

The legacy builder is HERE


Oh, okay, great. Thanks again. I will give that a try.

This bit with the “Title” appearing: If it’s a known bug, can I safely assume it’s going to be fixed sometime soon?

I cant answer that but they have been quick to fix issues as reported - I only visit the legacy builder for this issue and one of copying forms - other than that, I much prefer the new builder, as I say subtle changes but much better with a lot of new features: More Here

That’s encouraging. I did log out of new builder, logged into as you suggested, and fixed the problem. The problem seems to be that, in the new builder, the HTML component does not display the editable Title field (with its default value of “Title”), but that field is editable in the legacy builder (see screenshot).

I just removed the word “Title” and that fixed the problem. THANK YOU again for this tip!


Warning: Little bit of venting follows

I’m deep in the process of deciding whether I’m going to move forward with Tadabase or Knack. At some point since I last used Knack a couple of years ago, they have made massive improvements. In 48 hours, I built a fully-functional app in Knack for one of my law firms. I got it to look the way I want and I didn’t have to use any workarounds or tricks. Knack’s app-building tools are now very capable, enjoyable to use. Tadabase on the other hand seems to have somewhat better data-management tools; it certainly has a better formula editor. But building my apps in Tadabase, I keep running into things in Tadabase that require workarounds: custom javascript, or custom CSS, or reverting to the old editor (like here), and so on. It’s nice that those capabilities are there, I guess. But I really want to be able to do as much as possible without kludges or workarounds or baling wire and duct tape. :frowning:

Sorry. I feel a little better now. I am grateful to know the fix I needed. Thanks to you again!


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Thanks @Roger for pointing @WilliamPorter in the right direction.

@WilliamPorter this bug has indeed been fixed this morning.

To answer your ‘little vent’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, there’s no question building a quick and simple app is likely quicker on Knack and even Airtable. They are indeed great platforms and often the recommended choice. At Tadabase we’re different by helping you future-proof your app and have the integrations necessary built-in. This does add complexity and sometimes bugs too. We have a lot of work and do intend on being 100% bug-free, we won’t settle until that is done. Knack is great and I have nothing but good things to say about them, we’re simply focused on different things.

I’d love to learn more about what custom JS or CSS you had to add in Tadabase, that you didn’t have to add in your Knack? Any chance you can share those? I’d love to find ways of eliminating those hurdles.


A classic example of my boss’ favorite quote: “Let’s not be penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

My $0.02:
I made the switch back and forth 3 times! Commit to one and call it a day. My company is committed to Tadabase, and I have never hit any roadblocks. We’re on the Bronze plan, and we save $500/month on Zapier fees which we’ve eliminated by utilizing pipes. I have an app that runs and has scaled to >845,000 records (and growing 5% a month!). Aside from one incident that lasted about 30 minutes 2-3 months ago has been working without any downtime for 18 months. Some annoying gotchas I come across sometimes that drive me nuts (score values, for example). Still, those have been slowly disappearing, and the process is far smoother now. When you learn how to navigtate, its rather fast.

I came here to see the PDF updates and am having fun catching up on all these great posts! I would love to also eliminate my dependency on fromstack ($249 a month). Do the math, and you do you!


Moe: Your reply is very, very important to me and very much appreciated. It’s getting late but in the next day I’ll get back to you with some of the little workarounds I mentioned in my vent. Thank you again, very much.


Steven: Thanks for your two cents. I understand all your points and don’t disagree.

Thanks @Steven - I love this!!! Any chance we can write a case study? :heart_eyes:

Again, sorry about that server issue from 3 months ago.

The PDF updates are truly around the corner and as soon as they’re available I’ll enable them on your account.

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Great! I look forward to hearing from you.

Ah, I see this morning that it’s working as expected. Thanks again, Moe!