Insert Record with Table Action connected to Page Record

One of my apps is a ticketing and serial tracking system, wherein we have unique ‘Tickets’, ‘Devices’, and ‘Device Entries’ (connected to a Device and a Ticket) as the relationship between the two. When a ‘Device’ requires support, a unique ‘Device Entry’ is created for the ‘Ticket’, so that the ‘Device Entries’ include that ‘Device’ on the ticket, as well as serving as a service history for the ‘Device’.
What I am wanting to do, while viewing a ‘Ticket’ details page with a table of ‘Devices’, is use an action link to create a ‘Device Entry’ connected to the ‘Device’ from the table, as well as the page’s ‘Ticket’. Obviously, creating the link to the ‘Device’ is no issue, but I am not sure how to capture and connect the page’s ‘Ticket’ to complete the ‘Device Entry’ record.

I currently have an ‘Add Device’ connection added to the ‘Ticket’ record, and I am using a Form to edit the ‘Ticket’, with only the ‘Device’ field available, and inserting the record on submit and set the ‘Add Device’ back to a blank value. It works; however, it requires an off-page form or a page refresh on submit for the Form itself to update and clear the ‘Add Device’ field. Not a deal breaker, but a bit clunky.


You could achieve a slicker solution by using Tadabase Pipes.

I recommend you check-out some of Tim’s videos and online resources to gain a better insight to what Pipes can do if you’re not already familiar with them.

The first thing you’ll need to do is expose your records TableID’s this is how you’re going to be able to identify and reference your Ticket record and join it. Again, if you’re not familiar with how to get your record ID’s here is a post (How to save a Record ID)

Ultimately you’ll want to install the “Tadabase Rest API (Updated)” and use the “Saving to a Connection Field”. You can see here once you’ve added your API key global parameters (this will be covered in Tim’s video)…

You would then pass the Pipe…

The TableID of the table you want to insert the join into
FieldID (click the “show field slug” on the right cog when viewing your fields to see your slugs)
RecordID (as mentioned above)
ConnectionID (this will be the recordid of the record we wish to connect it to).

I appreciate that’s not a step by step guide but there are a number of points there if its something you wish to explore

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