🖥️ Introducing Tadabase Webinars!

We are happy to announce that we will be starting a series of webinars, just for you! These webinars will be largely community oriented and hosted by Tadabase Staff. As shared knowledge and our involvement in your success is hugely important to us, we hope these webinars are a great start to building better apps and better relationships with you all :heart:


We are planning to host our first webinar on Wednesday, May 11 at 1PM EST

Hosted by: @TadabaseDan

What will it be about?

That’s up to YOU.

You decide your fate! Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below.

Vote for a topic!
  • General Q&A
  • Best practices for building
  • What can you build with Tadabase?
  • Building meaningful workflows
  • User Experience

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Is it open to everyone and is there a cost?

Webinars will be open to all and will be totally free. Knowledge and community is incredibly important to us.

How do I register/join?

The poll will be open until Monday, March 9 to determine the topic of the webinar but the registration is open now!

Register here :white_check_mark:


Thank you so much @cocogurus @Roger @brettlewis @frinksterj and everyone else who was with us today for our first webinar!

We had a great time and it was a pleasure meeting you all virtually.

Stay tuned for more discussion regarding your questions today and of course, for next weeks webinar! We’ll post the details soon.


Many thanks to you and the Tadabase team for the session.

I was awesome to put names to faces and to get some ‘under-the’hood’ info and updates.

I look forward to future sessions.


Thank you team TB - as @brettlewis mentioned, it was good to put faces to names.

A great start and foundation to a feature of TB that has great promise.