ISO 31000 Risk Management Template

This one is hard work because it has so many parts including the integrated ‘Actions’ (issues management), started long time ago and building it bit by bit but thought i’d showcase it today for motivational reasons. Designed with ISO 31000 in mind and has optional linkage to the ‘Audit’ module.

Couple of Drill-down charts for visual navigation like QuickBase would have been perfect for this module.

Server-side query through initial top level search like Caspio bridge, though horrible to build and to use, is something i’ll build in later after i’ve worked out how to make the RM module agile enough for ‘Programme’ and departmental RM use.


Nice @Shumon !

Thanks for sharing :smile:

I like how you styled the groups in the tables. Can you share how you did that?

@Marty the answer you will find here, I think

Thanks @Peter! Much appreciated.

Hi Marty,

Sorry for late reply. The css colour gradient codes will give you the color styling. Let me know if you got what you need as there are also other css codes i used to set the margins, font sizes, border removed, records count box removed etc…

@Shumon that would be great…CSS is not my strength

In this example i have removed all table action parts as end users wont need them. The end result does produce a clean look and feel but only do this if you are sure that end users wont the table action functionality.