List results in Line Breaks and not Comma Separated

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Does anyone have a work around for what appears to be a bug for a Details Component > 1:Many connected value to show a result with comma separations. Currently, even with the “Comma” selected the result is a line break display.


Hi Adam, @SafetyUniversity

You can make a rollup field and then concatenate.
I did this for roles of a user.

Not sure this translates to your case, but it might give some pointers…

Thanks @Peter for the idea. Unfortunately a rollup won’t work since the field is in the same table and you can use a rollup to concat another field in said table.

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Greetings all-

I was able to synthesize a javascript posting (Display Addresses in a Single Line in Table Components)

Works like a charm.

TB.render('component_XX', function(data) {
    var linebreaks = $(".breaks"), x;
    for(x of linebreaks){
        y = x.innerHTML;
        x.innerHTML = y.replace(/<br>/g, ", ");

Replace the component number with your own specific one and use “breaks” in the CSS class (or change it to something more suiting for your needs).

Hope this helps,

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