Merge and HTML Detail page to existing table

Hi Tadabase community,

Is it possible to merge HTML (Details page) to an existing table?

The goal is that every record in the table has its own details page under it, then an action link or button on each record that will handle the hide/show for the detail page.

This is what I want to achieve.

The demo link in here is not working anymore.

Hope someone can help me.

Thank you!

This would require a custom component to be created as shown in Tim’s example. Custom Components use Handlebars, common language that you can google.

Custom Components require a bit of learning/self-education. I’d recommend reviewing Handlebars then take a “whack” using Tim’s example.

I think it requires an advanced knowledge in HTML for the other fields including the delete button and others. :frowning:

Previously, Tim did an example of showing details on the parent page. Take a look and see if this fits your purpose.

Thank you. I will check on this. Thank you so much.