Multiple Files & Upload Preview

Suggestion - can we upload multiple files into a single cell

Airtable handles it quite well.


Also, our users are asking when they upload a file they want to click on it to make sure they have uploaded the correct one. Currently when they click on the hyperlink after they upload (but before they submit the form), it redirects them to the home page


+1 for this. I would kill for the upload/file system from Airtable to be replicated on Tadabase.

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I also noticed that I’ve hit a brickwall with using Tadabase because of this. I want my users to be bale to upload multiple files associated with the record and be able to browse them and keep them updated when they see something missing. So far i can only see that I can upload 1 file and then download it again, with no visibility as to the file I uploaded or being able to add more.

You can create a table on the details page to show your uploaded documents and provide a download link that will open in preview mode - this is currently the only option to show PREVIEW mode on attachments that i am aware of. Forms and Detail pages will only download the documents.

Further to IntelliGroups comment, here is the solution for having “multiple attachments” within a record details page. Doesnt do the ‘airtable’ function, but it certainly helps those looking to do multiple files withing a record.

(Bottom of screenshot)

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I would LOVE for this to be improved as well.

I just hit a dead-end too - I’m creating an app to manage properties and each apartment has around 15 images.

Uploading picture by picture is not ideal for my use case, especially because reorganizing the order of the photos would mean deleting and re-uploading images constantly.

So bummed, if anyone has any ideas on how to get past, please let me know!

Is this something that could be potentially integrated with TadaBase?

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This is really interesting. I would assume you could get this working on the front end. Not sure how it work in conjunction with the backend though. If the user uploads multiple files, how do you dictate which field each images gets saved to for a record?

Maybe limit up to 20 photos and create 20 image fields?

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Hey all,

I made a post separately about multi-image uploading but wanted to share this here after some other developments today.

This link is for multi-image uploading. Images are then displayed in a list “gallery” and can be clicked to open a modal view.!/multi-image-upload

This link is for uploading PDF’s. Click the details button to see the preview in a new page.!/new-page

Both of these are using Integromat to feed back into Tadabase, so please refresh the table/list after uploading.