Open a hidden form by clicking a button

I am redesiging my pages to use the list component for mobile devices. I think it looks better and more in keeping with mobile apps.

I see that it is not possible to add a record with a list component so i have created a form to add new connected records. This is all working fine.

I dont want the add record form visible all of the time, it makes the page quite long, my back and next buttons are at the bottom of the page.

Is it possible to hide the form (done this with css ‘hide’) click a button to show the form, preferably in a popup and when submitted, hide/close the form.


You can add the button to a class, which is showed or hidden based on a condition . The button then can show a popup or something ( add details).

Check the video from
@tim.young to see how this can be done:

Hi @richardch372 I have written about something similar, it is using TB.hideComponent:

Thank you both, i’ll check these out.