Page Builder: options closing table editor

In Page Builder, when I click the pencil above a table to edit it, the editing window has three options in the lower right corner: Update & Save, Version comment, and Update & Close.

I don’t understand these. Update & Close and Update & Save seem to me to do the same thing. At least, when I click Update & Save, the “Save” button on the original page builder screen is still green (suggesting to me that the page still needs to be saved). And since it’s there as an alternative, the Update & Close presumably updates, closes, but does NOT save. Does that mean at that point it’s still possible to undo a change?

And finally, what is the intended use of the version comment field? If I make a change and comment it in this field, then later make another change, are these comments saved? Where?



Hi William,

I’ll clarify what each of these accomplish.

Update & Close doesn’t save your pages back in the app, it simply has it stored in your browser. If you navigate to another page all changes will be lost. Update and Save on the other hand is a ‘hard’ save and will apply all your changes to your app.

The version comment enables you to make a note which is espcially useful when working with multiple users. You can indeed see these changes as well as roll it back to any version you wish.

You can see all your page versions by clicking on the little arrow next to the page name:

You can also see summary of all changes inside your settings:

These are new features, you can see this post for more details: Versioning, Backups and Restores

Excellent, Moe. I hadn’t noticed the versioning before and that is outstanding. I will start using these comments regularly.

Still a little confused about Update & Save. If I click that button and return to the main page builder page, the “save” button on that page is still green. If I click it, it turns black. What’s this mean? Does it mean that there were other changes to the page that weren’t saved by the Update & Save action? I’ve tried to test that and it doesn’t seem to be that. Or is it simply a (minor) refresh problem?

Thanks again.