PDF - Images and map

Hello everyone,

I need to make PDFs that contain one or more images from a file field, saved on DropBox,

in the same Pdf I need to insert a static map generated from coordinates,

I tried with the various components (including Html) but without success.
Has anyone come up with a low-code solution?
Thank you

Hey @danio

You may have to first generate a static image and output that image into a PDF.

Generate static map image

I’m not sure if the method above will work for this particular use case but it’s likely the best place start.

Hi Tim,
it seems to work,

It seems though
that for maps it is not possible to vary the size of the map, I have made numerous variations but they do not work:


they give the same size in the PDF

Using the same formula:

to see an image field, I don’t know how to size the image, do you have a solution?

This might help: HTML Images (w3schools.com)