Rip an email file, with pipes and an external scraper service

I have an requirement which goes above my abilities.
I have a CRM app, in this I would want to have the following:
An upload field on which I can drag and drop an email file from Outlook.
Upon receipt this email should be sent to an external service which cuts the email in its components:

  1. email-adress (from) - email field
  2. email-adress (to) - email field
  3. subject - text field
  4. content - rich text field
  5. attachments - in attachement fields.
  6. date - in date/time field

This should be written to a separate table in the tadabase app.
If the email from is already available in the contacts table I would want a connection made to this contact. same for the account.

Is there someone who has expertise in this for whom this is a piece of cake.
This is a paid job. Please contact me on peter dot vanlonden at worldemp dot com

Is there someone who can help me with this?
I would really need this, but above my pay grade…

@brettlewis maybe you can help with parseur for that?

I just found this thread

Hi @Peter,

Sorry for the slow reply - I’ve been away, chasing elephants in the Okavango.

The basics of the logic and the tadabase part of things won’t be too hard to do using Integromat/Make or Zapier.

Though opening the Outlook email file may be a challenge - I have no experience using this file format and it seems to proprietary. I also don’t use Outlook, so can’t do any testing.

Forwarding the email to a (mailhook) address would make this a lot easier, assuming opening the file is a sticking point, but it may not suit your use case.

I could offer some advice to a person undertaking this development task, but I’m not in a position to undertake the job myself. I’m busy running my own company and don’t outsource my time for dev work.

I’ll drop you a mail with some suggestions.

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