Schedule Task send email. attachment field missing

I’m following this post by Tim on creating a daily pdf report.

All good except my builder does not show the field to attached a pdf when sending an email in a scheduled task. This image is of the tutorial video, i don’t have the field highlighted green.

I’ve watched the video a few times to make sure i haven’t missed anything. Anyone else have this issue or know why it’s not showing.

Thanks Adam, we have quite a high level subscription and I do have this option in other areas such as form notifications. I’ll speak with support.

Hey @richardch372

This feature was not enabled on your account for some reason, even though your subscription plan should allow for this. Sorry about that!

I’ve enabled it now for you and you’ll see this available inside scheduled task emails now, as well as form component emails. Including attachments is not available in action links though.

@SafetyUniversity you should see this too in the areas mentioned above. Can you let me know if you don’t?


Thanks for sorting this so quickly @tim.young and on a Sunday. :pray: